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Turns great ideas into great solutions


We Are Hiring Now

We not only do great work for our clients but also aim to grow and nurture our employees.
We want YOU to help us turn great ideas into great solutions for our clients.


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Be Among The Best

Some of the world’s most recognizable restaurants and retailers are our clients. One of the reason they love us is for our people. We aim to hire great people that can provide that great service.


Accomplish Great Things

Staying thoughtful, disciplined and flexible helps us become more valuable to our clients. We all want to do good work. Believing in one another and recognizing a person’s strengths makes it more rewarding.

What our employees say about us
  • “All of the people who I work with on a daily basis are amazing.
    The teamwork and respect that goes on here is just one of the many reasons I want to
    continue with this company for a very long time.”
  • “Growth oriented company
    with opportunities for advancement.
    Transparent and communicative executives.”
  • “The people, projects, career growth opportunity, leadership,
    future direction of the company, healthy backlog, and
    genuine care for the employees (both in the office and in the field).
    I’m not exaggerating when I say I can’t imagine working for a better company.”
  • “The Resicom Group goes after some
    incredibly interesting projects within the retail industry,
    which makes work more exciting and enjoyable.
  • “Upper management,
    all the way up to the president
    makes a point to not only meet
    but know about each and every one of their employees.”
Our Company Values
Weave Resicom Group Together

Honor the Promise

Keep your promises — both the ones made formally and the implied ones. At the core, everyone is here to make us a stronger company. Otherwise why would he or she be here?

Move Forward

Personal progress, skill development, and persevering through challenges are a given. To really move forward well, we need to forgive well – both others and ourselves. 

Be Courageous

Show your lion’s heart in new challenges, difficult times, and communications. Whether it’s asking for help or sharing unpleasant information, forthrightness is appreciated. 

Value People

The team is here to make us stronger, so it probably does not make sense to deflate one another. Respect diversity, skills you do not possess, and help others be their best.